BISFed 2017 - Regional Open Championships - 10 Medals!

Poznan | Jul. 5th - Jul. 10th
BISFed 2017 - Regional Open Championships | Poznan - 10 Medals!

BISFed 2017 – Regional Open Championships | Poznan – 10 Medals!

Portugal was in every podium in the BISFed 2017, Regional Open in Poznan, and equalled the previous record of medals, with an astonishing performance that led to 10 medals.

Here are the final results:

Team Competition

  • Team BC1-BC2 (António Marques, João Pinto, Abílio Valente, Cristina Gonçalves e Nelson Fernandes) – Gold Medal
  • Team BC3 (Avelino Andrade, Buno Ribeiro, José Abílio Gonçalves e José Carlos Macedo) – Gold Medal
  • Team BC4 (Carla Oliveira, Domingos Vieira e Manuel Cruz) –Gold Medal

Individual Competition

  • Individual BC1:
    • Gold Medal – João Pinto (SC Espinho)
    • Silver Medal – António Marques (APC Coimbra)
  • Individual BC2:
    • Silver Medal – Abílio Valente (APPC Porto)
    • Bronze Medal – Cristina Gonçalves (APC Lisboa)
  • Individual BC3:
    • Bronze Medal – Avelino Andrade (APPC Porto)
  • Individual BC4:
    • Silver Medal – Domingos Vieira (SC Braga)
    • Bronze Medal – Manuel Cruz (APPC Porto)


BISFed – Boccia International Sports Federation

PCAND – Paralisia Cerebral – Associação Nacional de Desporto

Polska Boccia – Regional Open Championships 2017, Poznan

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