Beginner's Guide

Boccia is an attack and defend game, with two sides competing over a set number of ends. The aim is to score as many points as possible by placing their set of coloured balls closest to the white jack ball.

  • All players must be seated during a game
  • A game consists of a series of ends
    • Singles & Pairs = 4 ends
    • Teams = 6 ends
  • An end consists of all 13 balls being propelled onto court (the jack, 6 red and 6 blue)
  • Decided using a coin toss, the winning player/captain chooses to be red or blue
  • Both sides must occupy a designated box on the court from where balls are propelled
  • The red side always begins the first end by propelling the jack into court
  • In a pairs or team match each player propels the jack onto court in turn
  • In a singles match both players will alternate twice
  • The player who propels the jack ball also propels their first coloured ball
  • A player from the opposite side then propels their first coloured ball
  • The side not closest to the jack plays until they get closer, or run out of balls
  • The end is complete when all balls from both sides have been propelled
  • One point is awarded for every ball of the same colour, which is closest to the jack
  • Points scored each end are accumulated to give a final score.

What Equipment do I need?

A set of boccia balls consisting of six red, six blue and one white jack.

For players that are unable to throw or kick the ball, a ramp (assistive device) is required. A head pointer can also be used with the ramp.

Not essential for a player when getting started, but officiating equipment, including a measure and red/blue indicator is recommended for boccia clubs and groups. They are used to determine who plays next, who has won and the score.

Where Can I Play?

Boccia is played on a court that is 12.5m by 6m. It should be played on a flat, smooth and clean surface such as a sports hall floor.

Few sports venues currently have boccia courts marked out, but badminton courts can easily be adapted using some court marking tape.

Court Layout

Boccia Court Layout

Boccia Court Layout

Measurement Guidelines

  • Wide tape for exterior lines, throwing line and V line
  • Thin tape for throwing box dividers and the 25cm x 25cm cross
  • 6 meter lines: from the inside of the side lines
  • 12.5 meters side lines: from inside of the front line and inside of the back line
  • 10 meters: from inside the front line to the back of the throwing line
  • 5 meters: from inside the front line to the center of the cross
  • 3 meters: from inside the side line to the center of the cross
  • 3 meters: from the back of the throwing line to the front of the V line
  • 1.5 meters: from the back of the throwing line to the front vertex of the V line
  • 2.5 meters: from inside the back line to inside (which is also the back) of the throwing line
  • 1 meter box lines: evenly spread over either side of the meter marks.

Do I Need a Team?

Boccia can be played as singles, pairs or teams of three.


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